“Largest And Finest In Norfolk County”

We certainly cannot help but bring to the attention of our readers such an establishment as the Norwood Sports Center, located at 65 Cottage Street, here in Norwood, originated for the amusement and exercise of our citizens. Whether you bowl or not, we suggest that you drop in and see this beautiful place, equipped with the latest and best of equipment, including a fine soda and luncheon fountain for the convenience of their patrons.

There arc not many pastimes that combine the advantages of good exercise and real sport, that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather may be, and that are equally desirable for both men and women, offering exercise strenuous enough to satisfy the athletic person, but not so severe as to be in any way dangerous. Bowling, however, is one pastime that does fill all these requirements.

The new beautiful Norwood Sports Center has very definitely become one of the most favored recreation places of this section of the state, the atmosphere and service are such as will please the most discriminating

Sixteen fast modernistic alleys, kept in A-l condition at all tables, make up part of the equipment here, beside many other forms of recreation to take up your interest, truly a remarkable place. Then, too, you will find tho employees, here, experienced, prompt and courteous. Ladies arc especially welcome and can always be sure of finding an atmosphere which will meet their approval and In which they will feel perfectly comfortable. You can not only keep fit by bowling, but can attain proficiency m it, which increases the enjoyment of any kind of sport or game. Why not form your own league, with your friends, to add social relaxation to the exercise and fun of bowling itself? You will find the management cooperative and eager to please you.

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In this business review we take a special satisfaction in commending those responsible for providing us with this fine Sports Center, a beautiful gathering place for clean living people.