Sports writer Frank Wall asked the members of the Norwood High School hockey team why they wanted to win the Bay State League crowd. Here are, their answers:

CAP. JACK BAYER — “I wanted to win it for our coaches and also for Mr. Tom Clifford whom most of our team played for in his wonderful hockey program. When we were younger, Mr. Clifford was the man who got us ice and let us play in his clinic every Saturday morning.”

ASSISTANT CAPT. TOM CLIFFORD—“All season long Coach Wheeler said he wanted nothing but a winner, and I felt that he deserved it for all the fine hockey he has taught us.”

ASSISTANT CAPT. PAUL O’DONNELL — “I have been playing three years, and I felt I wanted to leave Norwood High School playing for a winner.”

DICK LOVELL — “I missed last year, and I wanted to make up for that with an all-out effort this year and bring the hockey title back to Norwood.”

JACK KOVAL — “I wanted to win it for my parents who put up with an awful lot from me during the hockey season, and I felt that their faith in me should be rewarded.”

RICHY HEBNER — “I feel that Coach Wheeler deserved a championship team, as he has spent many long hours teaching us the game of hockey. Mr. Wheeler and Mr. Young, we won it for you, and without you both we would have never been on top.”

BLANE MAUS — “T wanted to prove to my older brother, Dana, that we could outdo the team of last year when he was captain.”

AL WHITTY — “I think that the town has backed us- about time we brought them a winner.”

TOM SMELSTOR — “It’s the greatest feeling on the top of the league, I wanted to see how it felt to be on a championship team, and it sure feels great.”

PAUL ANGELO — “I think that all the loyal fans who followed us all year deserve a reward for rooting for us during the season of hockey.”

TIM ARMOUR — “I feel that the people of Norwood deserve a winner, especially the fans who have stuck with us win or lose.”

BOB DONAHUE—“As only a sophomore it is the greatest thrill in sports to be on a Bay State championship team. I feel that our coaches deserve a winner for all the patience they have had with us during the year.”

JACK HAUGHEY — “I wanted to win it for the boys from ‘Dunns’.”

BOB CLIFFORD – ”1 think that the people jn the town deserve a winner for cheering us on all year.”

BILL HASENFUS — “I wanted to win it so that next year we will have something to shoot at when I am a junior.”

BILL CROWLEY—”I wanted the Bay State championship because all the players on the team worked hard and deserved to be rewarded.”

TIM TWOMEY — “I missed most of last year with an injury, and I wanted to come back and prove that Norwood is one of the best hockey towns in the league.


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