This Day In Norwood History-February 2

Dodge Route – Van Delivered For New Parcel Post Route

February 2, 1950 – The Norwood Messenger

The new Dodge Route-Van delivered yesterday to Thomas O’Day, 278 Railroad Avenue, Norwood, by , Sales Manager for , Inc., Dealer, is being contracted by the Post Office Department for use on a new parcel post route.

Present at the time of delivery were: , President and General Manager of Knox-Smith: , Superintendent of Mails at the Post Office, and Eddie O’Brien, veteran postal employee and first to contract a truck to the post office.

The new route-van will do much to maintain the high degree of efficiency of which the is justly proud.

Mr. Sweeney had this to say to truck operators about the new route-vans:-

“The low, 14^ inch step (with 7.50 16-8 ply tires) and the low, 17Vi-inch rear platform height (with 7.50 16-8 ply tires) will appeal to you, and to your drivers. The lower step height speeds the driver’s entry and exit. It substantially lessens driver fatigue and reduces the possibility of injury. The lower floor height facilitates loading or unloading through cither front of rear doors.

“Here’s a striking example of what we’re talking about. Actual tests show that the design of this new Dodge vehicle conserves, in a single day, an amount of driver energy that would be required to walk up the stairs of a fourteen-story building

“Because of their great inside height and width. Dodge makes available greatly increased payload space and provides ample room for a center aisle when merchandise is carried in racks along the sides.

“Thoroughly rustproofed, of course, these bodies are offered in lengths —7 feet, 9>i feet, and 121- feet—from back of driver’s seat to rear door. The .specifications calling for the and 12*2 foot
bodies came from users. Rugs, for example, when rolled up have a tendency to bulge beyond their normal length. Thus, a 9 or 12 foot rug becomes three or four inches longer. This added 6-inch length will appeal to many.

“The inside panels of the truck are removable—to facilitate insulation of the side walls when required, to make it easier to repair panels in case of damage, and to permit shelves or racks to be attached to the body frame instead of the panel. The body is thoroughly sealed against dust and moisture.

“There is one thing always to remember—these new Dodge delivery units have been designed and built to fill a definite need—and designed in cooperation with the leaders of those trades and industries which have felt this need for years.

“They are not simply a new type of ‘Panel’ truck—yet they will do everything a panel truck will do, and economies result from steadily increased production, that these vehicles will someday obsolete all much more. Dodge believes, as present-type ’Panel’ trucks in their capacity range . . . and in the not too distant future!’’

“One outstanding advantage is that your drivers and helpers can walk from front to rear without stooping. There is also sufficient height to handle long garments without dragging on the floor, or to carry extremely tall merchandise. Further, merchandise anywhere in the truck can easily be seen for ready selection.

“Drivers will greatly appreciate the extremely high and wide front and rear door openings, particularly those who must leave the vehicle frequently with large baskets, cases or bundles.

“Tins new Dodge vehicle is so designed that controls, such as gear shift lever, emergency brake lever, clutch and brake pedals, can easily and comfortably be reached.

“The seat itself is a driver’s dream. Covered with high-quality material, it’s the famous Dodge ‘Air-O-Ride’ scat. Its resiliency can be controlled to suit the driver’s preference, by a simple lever.

“Tills seal is adjustable four inches fore and aft, and three inches up and down. Located close to the left side of the vehicle, the driver can easily look out to the rear when backing up or parking . . . yet there is ample room between seat and body for (the driver to easily walk into the body from the left side of the seat.

“You drivers will particularly enjoy the wide, clear driver’s compartment, with Its wide, clear aisle from the Ieft to the right door.

The top of the hood over the engine inside the body provides a large, low shelf which gives ample room for servicing parcels and packages en route, or for carrying specialized merchandise. In the windshield header are two compartments for route books and similar material.

“Observe the unequaled driver vision of this new Dodge! Clear windshield and side window openings provide excellent^and unobstructed vision in all directions

“It is as easy to service this new unit as it is to drive it. The engine is located to the right of the chassis, inside the body. Simply by lifting the engine hood inside the body, the motor is exposed for adjustment of spark plugs, carburetor and other engine service.”

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