This Day In Norwood History-February 19

Norwood’s Suburban Auto Center Busy, New

6 Firms, 1500 Cars Ready for Holiday

Sun, Feb 19, 1961 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Automobiles, like ether commodities, can now be bought in suburban shopping centers.

The newest and most interesting of automotive shopping centers is located on Route 1, just south of Route 128, in Norwood, an area easy to reach from any part of Greater Boston.

Here, one more than 15 acres are six of the largest auto dealers in eastern Massachusetts. Between them they have on display nearly 1500 new and used cars, ranging from sports cars and foreign imports, to American economy cars, standard sized and luxury vehicles.

These reputable dealers are noted for their rapid turnover, fair prices and generous turn-in allowances, and for their high grade service facilities.

The six dealers, and their major car lines:

BOCH RAMBLER, for the complete American Motors line;

JACK MADDEN FORD SALES INC., for the Ford, Falcon, Thunderbird and the new Ford Econoline models;

CENTRAL MOTORS INC. of Norwood, for Chrysler, Plymouth, Valiant, Imperial and Simca;

JOHN MACK CHEVROLET CO. INC., for the Chevrolet, Corvette sports car and Corvair;

DALZELL MOTOR SALES for the Borgward and Volvo;

OFGANT – JACKSON for Studebaker Lark, and the French imports, Renault and Peugeot

Each of these dealers has built his reputation on customer service. Their sales staffs are composed of friendly men who know their business. And in the back rooms you will find corps of mechanics each specializing in a certain aspect of automobile maintenance and repair.

A tour through the service shops is instructive. Here, in each of the six dealerships, you will find the most modern of equipment, from hand tools to electronic testing devices.

The fair deals and the service offered by these automotive firms has resulted in a steady run of repeat sales. While the automobile business in some parts of the country has fallen off, the six Norwood dealers all report healthy increases in sales the past two years.

With excellent products to offer all feel that they will do even better by their customers during 1961.

Of course, Washington’s Birthday Open House, to be conducted throughout this week, is a big gala for the six Norwood dealers.

They have space and facilities to show cars to any number of visitors. Demonstration rides are then their favorite way to prove their product.

There is ample free parking. Many dealers offer refreshments or prizes. All have the welcome mat out for you.

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