This Day In Norwood History-February 16

Boch Business A Family Affair

Vice President CO.

Sun, Feb 16, 1958 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Boch Rambler of Norwood, on Route 1 four miles south of Route 128, will have a full line of Rambler cars on display during the Washington’s Birthday “Open House” including the Ambassadors, the Rebels, the Sixes and the brand new Americans, it is announced by Ernest Boch, vice president.

The company, which is a family affair operated by the father, , and two sons, Ernest and Richard, has grown rapidly in recent years until now it is described as “the largest individual Rambler dealership in the United States.”

About 800 new cars livered to customers and Boch Rambler.

American Motors Corp, award for the largest volume handled during the last three months of 1957 with deliveries of 271 cars.

New showroom and service facilities were built last year to handle the increased business. Ernie Boch attributes the company’s great success to its policy of bringing Ramblers to the New England public at lowest possible prices.

Boch Largest Dealer Of Ramblers in U. S.

Boch Rambler, humbly established back In 1938 as a repair shop, today has grown to be the top Rambler dealer in the United States.

“That’s because we believe in fair dealing with our customers,’’ Ernie Boch, general manager. “And we believe in giving the customer something extra for his money.”

To symbolize its eagerness to top all deals, Boch Rambler had a car on its roof last year —quite an attention getter. But then, when Boch does something, they do it up big! In fact, everything is big at Boch, even the signs which have over 1000 Individual light bulks. They need a lot of light for their 500-foot frontage on Route 1 in Norwood.

In addition to big deals, Boch Rambler offers the most efficient service department in New England. Maintaining large service facilities, including fully equipped body, part« and paint shops with all the latest maintenance equipment was just the beginning. Boch also has an automatic car washing machine. So when your car is serviced at Boch —it gets a really complete go-over!

Boch’s sales staff is comprised of a group of young, ambitious men who believe in “moving” the automobiles, by giving the customer finest servicing and complete follow-through, as well as sensational deals.

Andrew Boch, owner; Ernest Boch, general manager; , service manager and , used car manager; , sales manager, cordially welcome you to their Washington’s Birthday Open House on Feb. 22.

Boch’s Open House will put the emphasis on giving you better terms on Washington’s Birthday this year than ever before. Boch Rambler is out to beat all records in 1958.

But — they’d better watch out If it grows much bigger, Boch Rambler won’t be in Norwood. Instead Norwood will be in Boch Rambler

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