Had Spent Six Weeks In Hospital After Being Wounded Last Summer

Pvt. Roman W. Slawecki, 25, who was wounded in France last summer, was killed in action in Germany on November 21st, according to a War Department casualty telegram received by his wife, Mrs. Sophie Slawecki of 40 Sturtevant avenue.

Pvt. Slawccki fell mortally wounded while fighting on German soil with the 175lh Infantry of the 29th Division. On July 17th. he had been wounded in action in France, and at that time spent six weeks in an Army hospital, being discharged on August 30th. He resumed combat action with “his unit shortly afterward.

Mrs. Slawccki last heard from her husband on November 12th. nine days before he met death.

Pvt. Slawccki was the only son of Mrs. Jennie Slawecki ’of Charles street. East Cambridge. Two and a half years ago he was married to the former Sophie Alexandrewicz, who now resides with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Alex- androwicz, and her 18-month-old daughter, Sophie, at the Sturtevant avenue address.

Pvt. Slawecki attended’ school in Cambridge and was employed by the Blanchard Machine Shops in that city prior to entering the service a year ago last September. He left for overseas last March.

The death of Pvt. Slawecki raises to 35 the number of Norwood servicemen who have lost their lives, since this country entered the war three years ago today.