Pvt. Peter Daly Is Felled In Germany Nov. 20, Staff Sergt. Thomas Coyne, France, Nov. 19th

Two Norwood men who were close friends in civilian life have been wounded on the Western front in Europe within one day of each other, it was learned today. Both slightly wounded, they are Pvt. Peter F. Daly of 53 Savin avenue and Staff Sergt. Thomas Francis Coyne of 65 Highview street, whose brother, Staff Sergt. Coleman J. Coyne, Jr., was killed in France on July 16th.

Pvt. Daly, an Infantry soldier, was felled in Germany on November 20th, according to a telegram from the War Department received yesterday morning by his wife. Mrs. Lillian L. Daly. Mrs. Daly said today that she received a letter from her huband yesterday afternoon. in which he stated that he had received shrapnel wounds in the leg.

Pvt. Daly entered the service last April and had left for overseas on October 9th after training at Camp Croft and Fort Mead.

He is the father of two children, Peter and Patricia, and formerly worked for Bird & Son.

The day before he was wounded, the 19th, his old Norwood pal, Sergt. Thomas (Red) Coyne fell on another battlefield on the Western front while fighting with the Yankee Division in France. A wire received by Sergt. Coyne’s wife, who makes her home with her family on Bullard street, Walpole, failed to give the nature of his wounds, but they were described as slight.

Sergt. Coyne, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Coleman J. Coyne of Highview street, marked his third anniversary in the service last February. He was stationed at Fort Jackson, S. C., when his brother, Coleman, met death in France, and he left for overseas shortly afterward. Another brother, Sgt. Bartley S. Coyne, is a veteran of three and a half years in the service and is now with the Field Artillery in France. Bartley and Coleman were in the British Isles at the same time prior to the Allied invasion of France, but had never been able to see each other.