A surprise guest speaker appeared at the meeting of the Norwood Rotary Club last night at the Day street headquarters. It was a surprise to the members attending and to the speaker himself. Platoon Sergeant William J. Flaherty of the Marines and son of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Flaherty of 47 Silver street. Norwood. Sgt. Flaherty went to the Rotary meeting as the guest of James J. Curran. Norwood attorney and chairman of the War Finance Committee for the Norwood district.

Before the close of the business of the meeting. Mr. Curran asked James Carrolan, who was presiding if it was not customary to introduce the guest before, the close of the business session and Sgt. Flaherty was forthwith introduced. He had no inkling when invited that he would be called on to speak. but rose to the occasion and gave the members present some good first-hand reasons why they should buy war bonds.

Sgt. Flaherty pointed out that if the people on the home front don’t buy bonds, the men on the fighting fronts won’t get the material needed for victory. If the fighters are delayed by the lack of necessary ammunition and equipment. the war is prolonged just that much longer with the attendant loss of American lives. Sgt. Flaherty said, “We, who are fighting this war, arc buying, so why shouldn’t you at home? It’s not so hard for me — I get $95 per month. But many of the boys out there fighting and buying bonds, too, are only getting $50 a month.”

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Platoon Sergeant Flaherty enlisted in the Marines on January 26, 1942. On the day that he went away, his friend, James J. Curran, drove in with him to see him off. He has been all through the South Pacific campaign and is now home on a rotation furlough. He graduated from Norwood High School with the class of 1932 and while a student was a standout football and baseball player. His brother, Stephen, a Technical Sergeant, has been with the Army Air Force in New Guinea for the past 35 months.