This Day in Norwood History-December 29, 1955-Airman Otello R Cola Has Early Christmas

A 3c Otello R Cola, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otollo Cola, 75 Elliot street, Norwood has completed Air Force basic training at Sampson Air Force Base, Geneva, N Y and is presently attending an Air Force technical school for Control Tower Operation at Kessler Air Force Base, Biloxi, Mississippi.

Airman Cola, who left on November 29 for a 12-day leave, celebrated an early Christmas with his family and close friends. The highlight of the visit was in decorating the “Cola family Christmas tree” with able assistants, Miss Sheila MeGuff, Pat Curran, Garry Barry and his sisters, Norma and Ginger In addition to being entertained by friends in Somerville, Cola also slopped at West Point and the Bronx, New York, to visit relatives on the way home.

Cola flew by airline on Dec. 14 to Biloxi, Mississippi from Logan International Airport, Boston. While at Biloxi, Miss, he will attend the Air Force “Tech” school for approximately 14 weeks.

Roll of Honor

Roll of Honor

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