Swedeville Friends Paul Soderland, Vincent White Hold Reunion at Advanced Pacific Base

Stories of home and the old neighborhood were swapped with enthusiasm recently when Paul Soderland of Savin Avenue, Norwood, and Vincent White of Cedar street met at one of our advanced Pacific bases. They had just completed the job of establishing a beachhead, putting to good use the lessons learned on the shores of Cape Cod.

That those lessons were well learned has been attested to by high field commanders who took part in the invasion. Paul is a “cat” operator in a boat battalion and Vincent is a weapons mechanic in an ordnance unit repairing small arms. The two local men had not met since February, 1943, when they were assigned to different units of the Fourth Amphibious Brigade.

These soldier-sailor “amphibs” are the product of this war. In a short time, they have found a permanent place in the Army by their daring, dangerous work of landing on enemy-held shores and protecting other units that land. The Aussics have affectionately named them “The Flat Bottomed Navy,” and the bond between the Allies is secure.

“Amphibs” have also done a fine job in Africa, Italy, and on the beaches of Normandy. “They’ll continue to put ’em across from now ’til the day of victory,” writes Corporal White.