Norwood, Mass., Dec. 27.—W J. Coleman of Norwood has a large inventive genius.

He became convinced that the present system of punching passengers’ tickets and leaving the tickets either in the male passengers’ hats or placing them in the top rail of the seal in front of the passenger is a nuisance.

He has got up a ticketholder of cast iron four inches long, three-quarters of an inch wide, and half an inch high. The top of the bolder is rounded and the bottom hollowing so that it makes the aperture for inserting tickets completely, and the ticket has to remain in that position until released.

Any kind of ticket will fit the holder. It can be manufactured very cheap, nickel-plated, and placed on the top of each seat for 15 cents each.

Coleman claims it will come to be used on every railroad in this country and the continent when seen by the managers.

Tue, Dec 27, 1892 – 1 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)