John W. Murphy of 203 Richland road, present assistant postmaster and a career man in the postal service, is a candidate for the Postmaster’s position in Norwood.

John William Murphy

Five others have been mentioned for the post, presently held by Fred M. Adelmann who is retiring. The others are Walter J. Dempsey, Sture Nelson, Raymond Wragg, Warren Milliken, and Percy Everett.

Murphy has been in the postal service for 17 years, having started in 1937 during the tenure of the late postmistress. Miss Anna R. Ellis, as a substitute clerk.

He entered the U. S. Army in December of 1941 and went to Officer/ Candidate School taking the Postal Course. He served in various army installations as a postal officer and went overseas to Okinawa where he handled all Postal Finance matters in that area.

In 1946 Murphy returned to the Norwood Post Office and was assigned to the money order division.

In April of 1952, he was named Assistant Postmaster.

Murphy was State Vice President of the Federation of Post Office Clerks. He is a past commander of American, Legion Post 70 and a member of the Norwood Chamber of Commerce. He was the first president of the Norwood Veteran’s Council and is a member of the Industrial Committee and the Knights of Columbus. He is also a Captain in the Army Reserve Corps.

December 22, 1953 – The Norwood Messenger