Town employees shown as they took time out from the Christmas festivities Monday night at Holman Hall to pose for the Messenger Cameraman. (Surette Photo)

Employees of the Municipal Building celebrated Christmas in gala fashion on Monday evening with a party at Holman Hall, which was decorated with a lighted tree, streamers, colored lights, and stocking hanging from the fireplace mantel.

A turkey dinner was served, after which Dick Northrup as Santa Claus distributed gifts to all present, A poem suitable to each gift had been written by Mary Wilford.

The distribution of gifts and the poetry involved was further enhanced by clowning by various and sundry which brought down the house. Joe Collins, loaded down with pick and shovel, burst in announcing that he was putting a road through the spot: Tenna Balutis in wearing an ancient policeman’s hat and threatened an arrest for parking by a hydrant. When someone slipped him a dollar bill, he became affable and agreed to move the hydrant.

But that episode didn’t end there as Gene Charron burst in in full fireman’s rig and announced that there was a fire and the department couldn’t find the hydrant. The stretcher boys came and took someone out on a stretcher, and the side-splitting stunts kept the audience in a state of uproar.

Wits Phalcn’s orchestra played for dancing.

The gift committee for the party was Mary Wilford, Virginia Clapp, Rose Farrell, Lillian Haack, In charge of the dinners were Agnes Riley, Florence Jankowski, Nora Hayes, Edward Flaherty, and Walter Blasenak.

The committee on decorations were: Helen Sears, Inez Galazzi, Mary Lou McGufT, Virginia Clapp. Harold Hogan and Rita Tarpey.

The tree used at the party now decorates the entrance hall of the Municipal Building.