What the Norwood resident should that usually doesn’t know about his community—such as the number of homes, the number of houses being built, the number of radios and refrigerators In town, the number of homes having running water, the type of work the neighbors are engaged in, the receipt and expenditure of municipal finances, and the numbers of such business establishments as beauty shops, retail stores, laundries, and automobile repair shops—all are revealed on data sheets on Norwood, included among the 175 New England communities surveyed by Ralph G. Wells and John S. Perkins of the Boston University Bureau of Business Research for the Industrial Committee of the New England Council.


Latest figures compiled in the report on Norwood quote a population of 15,333. living in the 10.5 square mile area of the town; with 1,165 as the density per square mile. Of the 3,183 number of foreign-born persons in the town, 732 were born in the Irish Free State; the smallest number, 197, coming from Poland. 463 claim Lithuania as their birthplace, 412 Canada. 454 Italy, and 298 Finland. 927 others were born in other lands.

Women outnumber men In Norwood by almost 200, the report shows. The male population of the town is 7,584, while the female Is 7,799. Of these, 10,182 were over 21 years of age. 1,430 are between 15-19 years of age; 1.429 are between 20-24: and 1.233 are between 25-29. The minority is claimed by 1,024 persons over 65 years old.

The latest figures available of the registrations taken by Selective Service Board 119, which also serves Sharon and Foxboro, show 2,866 men registered. This figure is undoubtedly greatly Increased by this time, several other age groups have been registered since December 1940, when these figures were compiled.

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The 26 manufacturing establishments in Norwood pay $4.035,247 annually in wages to 2,790 wage earners. The average local wage is $1,451; greater than the average state wage of $1,190. The value of Norwood’s manufactured products is $20,271,496.


Unemployment cases among women were counted at 162 in the latest compilations, while 387 men sought work. 163 men were on the public emergency lists, and 23 women were included. 4,233 men in Norwood were employed in various types of work, and the addition of 1,548 women brings the total of Norwood residents employed to 5,781.

The 88 business establishments in the town are owned by 35 proprietors, with 107 employees earning a total payroll of S56,000.

These 88 establishments made a total of $1,088,000, at the last tabulation.

The majority of Norwood stores are devoted to the sale of food and lead the group with a total sale of $2,215,000. Nine general merchandise stores made a total sale of $359,000: 21 apparel stores, a sale of $377,000; S8 radio and furniture stores, a sale of $205,000. 10 automobile sales rooms sold $1,124,000 in merchandise; while the 18 filling stations listed in the report sold $265,000; the 3 lumber and building establishments, $293, 000; the 3 hardware stores, $29,000; and 13 eating establishments, $259,000. 10 drinking establishments made a total sale of $160,000; 12 drug stores, $293,000; 3 package stores, $104,000: and the 23 remaining stores totaled $756,000 in sales.


The 224 women in professions outnumber the 180 men. 36 Norwood men and 12 women arc in semi-professional businesses. 8 men arc farmers or farm managers, and just 1 woman. Proprietors and managers number 316 men and 31 women; salesmen and those in clerical jobs include 532 men and 550 women. 847 men and 22 women are craftsmen; 1,151 men and 323 women are operatives. 234 men and 310 women are in domestic service. 46 Norwood men are farm laborers; and 811 men and 53 women are laborers.

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Tiie principal types of industry in the town are bookbinding, brake shoes, floor coverings and rugs: Iron castings; leather, printing and binding, printing ink, and roofing materials and shipping eases.

Market data for nearby towns is shown on the following table:

                       Pop.                                    Retail Sales

Community (1910) (1939)
Dedham 15,503 $4,206,000
Stoughton 8,632 2, $2,850,000
Walpole 7,443 $2,279,000
Canton 6,381 $1,602,000
Medfield 4,334

December 17, 1942 – The Norwood Messenger