This Day In Norwood History-December 16


Sat, Dec 16, 1916 – 14 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) · Newspapers.com

Dec 16—Ex-Representative Fred L Fisher has just completed a test of cows in his Holstein herd at , In which one cow, , made a record for Norfolk County in yield of milk for a day and a week, it is believed by Mr. Fisher.

The test was conducted by Mr. Butterfield representing the Massachusetts Agricultural College, assisted by . The cows were milked four times in 24 hours.

The test showed that Pride Colanther gave on one day 95.1 pounds of milk and in seven days 611.8 pounds of milk, from which 26 pounds of butter were made.

Three cows gave respectively in seven days, 411.2 pounds of milk, making 18.5 pounds of butter: 394 pounds of milk, making 17 pounds of butter, and 302.7 pounds of milk, making 13.18 pounds of butter, the last-named cow being a two-year-old heifer.

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