Pfc. Russell Webber, Corporal Joseph Caruso Home From South Pacific For 30 Days

Two Norwood Marines, Pfc, Bussell Webber and Corporal Joseph Caruso, have arrived home for a 30-day leave within a day of each other after meeting in a Naval hospital in San Diego, California.

Caruso, who was wounded in the invasion of the island of Palau after passing through the Guadalcanal invasion without mishap, completed four years of service with the Marines last September.

He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Caruso of 324 Cottage street, Norwood. Enlisting in the Marine Corps when he was 17 years of age, Caruso was called to active duty almost immediately in 1940. He has been in the South Pacific for a total of 30 months. While battling the Japanese, Caruso fought in the same outfit with Jerry Collins, Salvi Freni, Mark Flaherty, and Edward Smith, all of Norwood.

Marine Pfc. Russell Webber is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Webher of 286 Railroad avenue, Norwood. His brother, Horace G. Webber who is in the Army Infantry, has been reported missing in action. Russell Webber was surprised on arriving home to learn that he had been previously reported killed in action.

Both local Marines have been given 30-day leaves and will be home for Christmas.