Members of the Literary and Drama Committee who presented the play, The Child of Peace,” at the Christmas meeting of the Norwood Woman’s Club are left to right: Mrs. Philip Norton, Mrs. James Dunn, Mrs. Everett Learned, Mrs. Ernest Carlson. Mrs. Eugene Nelson, Mrs. Martin Blasenak, Mrs. Edwin Archibald and Mrs. G. E. Rehnsfrom. (Surette Photo)

The Norwood Woman’s Club Christmas meeting was one of the finest and most impressive programs ever given at a club meeting. The Literary and Drama Committee presented a play called ‘‘The Child of Peace,” which was a narrative of the Christmas story with music in simple form.

Much credit is due Mrs. James Dunn who was the reader and who staged and directed the play. The music was arranged by Mrs. Eugene Nelson and its beauty and simplicity and appropriateness would have done credit to a master.

No less credit should be given the members of the chorus whose performance was outstanding. They were Mrs. Everett Learnard. Mrs. G. E. Rchnstrom. Mrs. Edwin Archibald. Mrs. Ernest Carlson. Mrs. Martin Blasenak, Mrs. Philip Norton.

The settings were made by Mrs. Amedio DcFlaminis and contributed a large share to the effect of the entire program. The costumes were those of the lime when the story was lived and no detail was overlooked to carry to the audience the atmosphere of the days before the coming of Christ.

It was a most fitting program for these days of heartbreak and yearning for an end to a war that is devastating the earth, especially as the theme of the play is a longing for peace and its climax is the birth of the Prince of Peace. The setting of the play was the lone well at Nazareth on the road te Bethlehem just before the birth of Christ.

Those who witnessed the superb performance were made aware of the needs of the people at that time, the ageless story of man’s suffering and the cry of every age “Peace, peace! The program was a benediction and an inspiration.

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“The Child of Peace’’ was presented by special arrangement with Waller Baker Company.

Mrs. Samuel Kallgren had an exhibition of religious pictures in the lobby.

The Rt. Rev. Monsignor Joseph C. Walsh. Rev. John Moulton, Rev G. E. Rehnstrom and Rev. Milton W. Pullen were the guests of honor.

Refreshments were served by Miss Blanche Marcionette and her committee of Mrs. Charles Britton, Mrs. Martin Blascnak. Mrs. Tracy W. Cottrell. Mrs. Carl C Nelson, Mrs. Carroll P. Ncad, Mrs. James L. Rcadcl, Mrs. Herbert E. Tucker. Mrs. Kenneth Reed, Mrs. Thatcher T. Hallet.