Friends Fete Mary Flaherty Now In Women’s Marine Corps Reserve

Two parties were given last week for Miss Mary Flaherty of 20 Lydcn street, who left Tuesday morning for boot training with the Women’s Marine Corps Reserve at Camp Lejeune, N. C.

Mrs. Philip King of Central street was the hostess at a dinner party at her home given for Miss Flaherty last Saturday night. The decorations were in red, white and blue with small American flags as table decorations. The guests were Miss Flaherty’s former co-workers from Bcndix Aviation who presented her with a purse of money.

On Sunday night. Miss Marion Foley and Mrs. Sadie Schefele of South Natick gave a buffet supper and dance at the home of Mr. John Foley of 24 Lyden street. Miss Flaherty was presented with money and gifts. Guests were present from Brighton, Brockton, Westwood and Norwood.

Miss Flaherty is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Flaherty of 20 Lyden street and has three brothers in the service, Cpl. Roger. Sgt. James and John. S 2/C, of the Seabees. all overseas.