Captain George T. Lee of Is Now Squadron Leader

NORWOOD. Dec. 11—Capt. George T. Lee, a graduate of Norwood High School, whose mother, Mrs. Mary J. Lee, lives at 26 Rock st., has been in combat flying more than a year end has a distinguished record.

He has shot down two ME-109’s and one FW-190. He has the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with two clusters. He now commands a Warhawk squadron attached to the British 8th Army in Italy. After he had completed 80 combat missions he was offered a furlough at home and he refused it because he wanted to stay until the job was finished.

Capt. Lee is 24 years old. He joined the Army on Dec. 18, 1941. In October. 1942, he had his first action in North Africa, and he has been in the thick of battle ever since. He was promoted successively to flight leader, assistant operations officer, operations officer and squadron commander. He was with Montgomery’s Army all the way across Africa and Sicily and into Italy.

His narrowest escape was when he made a successful dead stick landing. In his months of combat work he has worn out six fighter planes.

Sun, Dec 12, 1943 – The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)