Pvt. David H. Locarno, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Locarno of 10 St. John avenue, has been transferred from an anti-aircraft unit at Camp Stewart, Ga., to the Infantry Replacement Center at Camp Blanding, Fla., near Jacksonville.

While at Stewart, Pvt. Locarno was in a telephone and radar school and had completed 14 weeks of a scheduled 17-week course when he was transferred with other members of his outfit to the Infantry. He is receiving 11 weeks of training at Camp Blanding.

During his basic training, he received expert ratings with the M-l rifle, carbine rifle, hand grenades, bayonet and machine gun. He expects to be home on furlough sometime in February.

Pvt. Locarno, former sports writer for the Daily Messenger, is now contributing snorts articles to “The Bayonet,” Camp Blanding service paper, 50,000 copies of which are printed weekly for the G.I.’s at that center.

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