AN EIGHTH AIR FORCE BOMBER STATION. England— The promotion of John L. Rowen. 22, of Norwood, from second lieutenant to first lieutenant has been announced at this Eighth Air Force bomber base by his group commander, Colonel Elbert Helton, of San Antonio, Texas.

Lt. Rowen, the co-pilot of a B-17 Flying Fortress, has participated in bombing attacks against industrial targets deep within Germany as well as airfields, bridges, supply dumps, and gun emplacements in support of our Allied ground forces.

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Rowen of 20 Pleasant court, Norwood, Lt. Rowen. a 1940 graduate of the Norwood High School, was a service station attendant for Ben Dulkis. Norwood, before entering the AAF in November. 1942.

In the AAF he received pilot training at Turner Field. Ga., where he was awarded his wings in January, 1944.