Capt. Jack Millin & Pfc. George Sullivan With Kelley’s Cobras In Pacific Theatre

Two Norwood men — Capt. Jack Millin and Pfc. George Sullivan — are members of Kelley’s Cobras, a heavy bombardment outfit in the Pacific Theatre.

“Kelley’s Cobras.” named for Col. Laurence B. Kelley. Commanding Officer of the Group, is the first group in the history of the Air Force which has modified its own planes for combat as it goes along.

At Wendover, Utah on December 1, 1943, the entire group with all of their squadrons was organized. During their first slay there, most of their time was taken up with the general organization of the group, following which they moved to the Army Air Force Tactical Training Center at Orlando, Fla.

The entire framework for their intensified training to follow was organized there. They went back to Wendover and started the real first and second phases of their training, the third followed at Mountain Home, Idaho.

Later, after intensive training in bombing, navigation, gunnery, camera bombing and ground school training, they moved by plane and transport to the Hawaiian Islands.

(Originally published in the Norwood Messenger, December 1, 1944)