This Day in Norwood History- August 8

Warren F. Taylor of Norwood to Start at 3 O’ Clock This Morning.

Who Seeks the Double Century Record.

Sun, Aug 8, 1897 – 22 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts)

Warren F. Taylor of Norwood, who starts this morning at 3 o’clock from Postoffice sq, Norwood, in an attempt to establish a new double century record for the state, is from Augusta, Me, and is well and favorably known among old-time ball players. He was a member of the Maine state pedestrian team that defeated the teams from Massachusetts and Rhode Island at Boston May 12. 1879. He has followed the “silent steed” since the times of the high wheel, and in this state is well known among the polo players.

He was at one time captain of the Pythian polo team of Chelsea, and won the championship in 1884; also captain of the Bostons and a member of the Bay State polo teams. He was also a member of the Crescent boat club of Boston. He rides a wheel geared to 91. and is a seasoned rider. He makes nearly all of the century runs out of Boston, and always finishes with the first bunch.
The record which he is attempting to lower is 17 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds and is now held by F. C. Graves of Springfield. Mr Taylor will be paced by tandems and singles. His course will be twice over the following route: From Norwood to Canton, thence to Stoughton, to Taunton, to Attleboro, to North Attleboro, to Wrentham, to Walpole, fo Norwood, over the same course each time.

J. V. Urkhart of Stoughton will have charge of the pacemaking from Norwood to Taunton and return on both trips, while V. K. Westgate of Taunton will look after the pacemakers and arrangements between Taunton and Wrentham. The other pacemakers will be Arthur D. Baker and George Daly of Taunton, Hiram Barrow’s, Royden Barrett, J. Colburn. Walter C. Baker, Mill Foster and Capt Frederick Smith of Norwood, who will pick up the rider in turn at different points along the route, while, as a precaution against mishaps, the entire membership of the Norwood cycle club will be i scattered along the route to jump in and assist in case of accident to the regular pacemakers or to Mr Taylor.

S. P. McDonald, Harry W. Haskins, Thomas F. Hoolihan and Joseph C. Fenton wdll act as timers. With good j luck Mr Taylor expects to reach Norwood on the first round at 8 a m. He will rest an hour and take dinner before starting on his second round, wdiich be expects to finish early in the evening.

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