Selectmen Will Discuss Plan With George Willett

The Playground Advisory Committee has requested the Board of Selectmen to consider the taking over of Willett Pond for bathing for the Town of Norwood, with the idea of fencing in the beach property and erecting necessary buildings to provide toilet facilities.

At last night’s meeting of the* Board the matter was formally presented for discussion by Town Manager Francis W. Smith, who had gathered considerable data on the proposed plan, particularly with regard to the ownership and control by Winslow Bros, and Smith Co. of all water In Willett Pond.

It was brought out that the beach property is at present in tax title. I and that Mr. George F. Willett. : trustee of the Norwood Housing Trust, has been interested in the property In connection with the postwar development contemplated by him in the Westover and Holmwood projects.

Chairman Charles F. Holman stated that he was reluctant to go into the matter in any detail without first obtaining Mr. Willett’s viewpoint on the matter.

Mr. Willett has a great interest in this proposition,” said Holman. “The only thing to do, or the first thing, is to have him in and see how the proposition strikes him”


Upon a motion made by Selectman Harry Butters, an invitation was «ent to Mr. Willett to attend the next Board meeting two weeks hence.

Manager Smith, in describing the Pond set-up and outlining the items which should be taken into consideration, said:

“The bathing beach area tics both in Norwood and Westwood, that In Norwood between Bullard and Nichols streets and the high water line being 12 acre, 15.640 sq. ft. This property has an assessed valuation of $9200 and is in tax title, the last taxes having been paid in 1935. There has been a foreclosure petition before the land court for four and a half years. The Town now has charges of $3750 against this property. I understand that the Westwood property which is bordered by the Norwood line, Brook street and the high water line, has been in tax title since 1942.”