Lieutenant Murphy and his 12-year-old son Jimmy from a family photo taken in 1959 (photo credit: Lieutenant Brian P. Murphy)

Jimmy Murphy the 12-year-old son of Lieutenant and Mrs. James Murphy of 193 Vernon street, Norwood, has been attending the daily sessions at the Father MacAleer pool and through the instruction given thereby lifeguard John Bowler, has learned to swim.

The 12-year-old novice proved to be somewhat of a hero last Sunday when he aided a swimmer at Field Park in Brockton to safety when the swimmer was stricken with a cramp in one of his legs and shouted for help.

Jimmy had gone to the park with his police lieutenant father and mother and his eight brothers and sisters.

While in the water, he heard a man swimming nearby call for help and Jimmy went to his assistance. He was able to help the man to the shore where Lieutenant Murphy and a lifeguard took over and rubbed the cramps from the man’s log.

At last reports, there was no Carnegie Medal in the offing for little Jimmy, but Jimmy doesn’t care. He now knows how to swim.