BOOBY TRAPS — Lawrence White, chairman of the Norwood War Trophies Safety Committee, is shown with two explosives recently found in the home of the Norwood resident They were discovered in the cellar of the residence, fully activated, and one believed to be souvenirs from the First World War (McLean Photo)

A Norwood resident who has requested that his name not be used made the startling discovery last week that for several years he had been living in a “booby-trapped’’ house.

Coming across innocent-looking World War I souvenirs in the cellar of his residence believed to be part of the collection of a souvenir-loving member of his family, he nevertheless contacted Norwood Police who in turn notified the Norwood War Trophies Safety Committee. One of the explosives was a fully armed 75-millimeter projectile with a combination fuse set for eight and a half seconds. It could be detonated on impact. This type of projectile, filled with shrapnel was used during the First World War. Eleven inches long and weighing eighteen pounds, it would have caused severe injury or death to the occupants of the house and tremendous damage to the building if it had accidentally dropped on the floor. The explosive is capable of blowing a hole four feet deep and there is

(All articles originally appeared in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)

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