Expect New Assaults On Speed Records Tonight

Speed records will again be threatened at the Norwood Arena stock car races tonight and Saturday night as a result of cooling and handling innovations in cars that have already broken speed marks twice and three times at the Norwood track.

Sixty cars will be on the track lot Saturday’s “Guadalcanal Day” program, which in addition to the regular racing program will see the Marine Corps Exhibition Drill Team and the First Marine Corps Bagpipe Band, only such organization in the country, in a special performance marking Guadalcanal Day.

Climax to this program will be a re-enaction of the Marines capture of Mount Suribachi, on Iwo Jima, complete with bursting flares and bombs, it was disclosed today.

With his super-cooled mystery car, George Lewis of Warwick, R. I. continues to hold sway as the driver to beat at the Norwood races. Although he was defeated by Champion Red Cummings and Junior Pooler of Quincy in the startling feature last Saturday, Lewis succeeded in adding another speed record to his list. He set a new record for the 12-lap stock car distance of 3 16 75. He also holds the record for the 25-lap distance 6 41 00 set up a week earlier.

Ever since bringing the Davidson owned No 22 on the track from Attleboro Lewis has been one of the circuit’s ‘hottest” drivers.

(All articles originally appeared in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)

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