Public to Visit New $250,000 Building Tomorrow Afternoon and Evening

Norwood Hospital 1926 Building (1929 postcard)

NORWOOD, Aug 31—The new $250,000 Norwood Hospital will be opened tomorrow afternoon to the public for inspection.

On June 19, 1925, a campaign to raise $200,000 for the building of the hospital, under the chairmanship of John E. Folan, came to a close with an oversubscription of $54,134. Plans were immediately drawn and work was started Sept 16, 1925.

In September 1913, the Corner House, a small house at Hoyle and Washington sts, was turned into a hospital which accommodated only a few patients at a time. In September 1910, the home of Dr Eben Norton on Washington st was converted into the Norwood Hospital, and the Corner House was moved across the Civic Association grounds and was annexed to this building. This remained the Norwood Hospital for 10 years and administered not only to the needs of Norwood, but Canton, Sharon, Westwood, Medfield and Walpole.

When the need of more room and a better-equipped hospital was brought before the people by the trustees, under the leadership of Pres Herbert M. Plimpton, the surrounding towns did their share to swell the fund.

Accommodations for 75

The new hospital, made of red brick, is directly behind the present hospital. The present hospital will be used as an office, reception room and supply base. The new hospital will accommodate 75 patients, and is only the first unit in the building plan.

The basement contains a large emergency room with three tables. Opposite this room are two recovery rooms. This suite of three rooms will take care of emergency or accident cases, and can be used for first aid work and for the treatment of “out-patients.”

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On this floor will also be found the pharmacy and laboratory, also an isolation suite with an independent exit which can be used in the treatment of any contagious cases that develop. The remaining parts of the floor are taken up by the X-Ray room, nurses dining room, kitchen, laundry, refrigerating plant and storage.

Patients and visitors will usually enter the building on the first floor. A large area at the entrance has been provided for a nurses’ station which commands a view of the whole floor. There are 11 private rooms, with average floor space of 136 square feet. The main men’s ward is also on this floor, with a capacity of 16 beds. Two smaller wards, each with six beds, are also provided.

The floor has an airing balcony or solarium and the usual complement of diet kitchen, utility rooms, linen closets and storage.

The arrangement of the second floor is generally similar to that of the first floor. The layout is more particularly designed for the cases of women and children. There is one main women’s ward of 16 beds and two small wards of six beds each. The maternity department has large delivery and labor rooms and also a nursery with 25 cribs. There are eight private rooms., on this floor.

The operating department is on the third floor. The operating room Itself is spacious and is arranged and equipped for the most efficient work.

The strong ceiling lights give an Illumination which is practically the same as daylight and without shadow. In case of a shut-off of the main power line, there is an emergency lighting system which can be provided from the hospital storage batteries.

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Adjoining the operating room is the surgeon’s room with its shower bath and other facilities. An eye, ear, nose and throat room is also on this floor.

The nurses’ workroom, etherizing room, sterilizing room and recovery room make up the rest of this area.

Chairman of Building Committee New Superintendent of Hospital

Will Explain Details

The formal opening program will start at 2 o’clock and continue to five. It will begin again in the evening at 7 and continue until 11 o’cdock.

The members of the building committee and the trustees of the hospital, with the new superintendent, Miss Betty Eicke, will act as the reception committee.

Members of the building committee will be posted about the building to explain the various rooms and furnishings. Dr Arthur S. Hartwell will be in the operating suite to explain the equipment there. Phillips Dennett will give details regarding the laundry equipment. Mrs Richard D. Northrup will explain the kitchen equipment. Benjamin D. Rogers will give details on the refrigeration plant and system, and John E. Folan, on the furniture and furnishings of the new building.

There will be an orchestra playing during the afternoon and evening.

The Woman’s Aid to the hospital is furnishing all the linen.

There are 19 private rooms in the hospital which have been furnished at the cost of $200 each by the following donors: Ellen Adelaide Ellis, 22 Forest st, Cambridge, Mr and Mrs Charles Sumner Bird Jr of East Walpole, Mr and Mrs Frederick H. Hird of Chicago, Philip R. Allen of East Walpole, Walter F. Tilton of Norwood, James J. Drummey of Norwood. Norwood Post, A. L.; Norwood Woman’s Club, “A. M. C.” of Norwood, Mr and Mrs Herbert M. Plimpton of Norwood, Mrs Harriet W. Lane and Mrs Herbert M. Plympton (in memory of their parents, Mr and Mrs George S. Winslow); “B. F. R.” Charles and Evelyn Prescott of Norwood, Mrs Anne K. Allen of East Walpole, James M. Folan of Norwood, Frederick E. Clapp Memorial, Norwood Council, K. of C., Norwood Lodge of Elks and Orient Lodge, A. F. A A. M.

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Public to Visit New $250,000 Building Tomorrow Afternoon and Evening

New Superintendent of Norwood  Hospital
MISS BETTY EICKE New Superintendent of Hospital

New Superintendent

Miss Betty Eicke, the new superintendent, was born in Bremen, Germany, and received her early education there. After coming to this country she attended Mt Olivet College, at Olivet, Mich, and then entered the Salem Hospital at Salem. After graduating from the Salem Hospital Miss Eicke did private duty nursing and attended two Summer sessions of the Teachers’ College, department of nursing, at Columbia University.

She then accepted a position at the City Hospital, and after serving there entered the Lawrence General Hospital in 1912. Three years ago she was appointed superintendent of nurses there and comes to Norwood from Lawrence.

31 Aug 1926, Tue The Boston Globe