Article 1 would have torn down all the houses and buildings in the area highlighted at the bottom right. Article 2 proposed taking the alley between Washington Street and the Talbot parking lot highlighted at the top left.

Norwood’s newest proposals for alleviation of the extremely tight traffic and parking conditions took a giant stride forward last Wednesday night when thirty people representing 22 Norwood business firms met at the Village Inn to discuss all possible solutions to worsening problems.

While 22 firms were actively participating In the meeting, over 42 additional merchants sent their approval of the plans and actions that were to be discussed.

Ambrose J. Kelly, Town of Norwood Finance Commissioner, presented his proposals which he said “would solve Norwood’s parking and traffic problems for the next 35 years”. His program was accepted in its entirety and he was elected chairman of a businessmen’s committee to “go ahead” and get the work started.

Besides Kelly, the committee is comprised of Otis Cooper, Town Square Hardware, George F. McGuinnis, Mac’s Auto School, D J MacDonald, MacDonald’s Color Center; W. E. Gilbert, Alice Gift Shop, Marvin Fine, Kordette’s, Jack Marcou, Halon Jewelers, Joseph F. Palleiko, Joseph’s of Norwood, and Hyman Goldman of Brenner’s Children’s Shop.

As a result of the meeting, petitions to the Board of Selectmen are now being displayed at most stores along the Main street. The petitions ask the Selectmen to insert two articles in the warrant of the next Town Meeting to expidite the proposed changes.
Following is the wording of the petition:

“To The Honorable Board of Selectmen, Town of Norwood, Norwood, Massachusetts”

“We the undersigned voters, citizens and businessmen of the Town of Norwood do hereby petition you to insert the following articles in the next warrant of a Town Meeting of the Town of Norwood.

“ARTICLE ONE. That the Town of Norwod take by eminent domain or by any other means the following property in the Town of Norwood; 7 Central St., 9 Central St., 13 Central St., 19 Central St. 18 Day St.. 19 Day St., 45 Central St., 47-49 Central St., 15 Day St., 13 Day St., 7 Day St., 3 Day St., 63 Broadway, 45 E. Vernon St., 47 East Vernon St., 48 E. Vernon St., 49 East Vernon St., 51 E. Vernon St. Eighteen houses Total. This property to be torn down and replaced by a black topped parking area for automobiles. The entire parking area will have parking meters installed to regulate parking.

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“ARTICLE TWO: That the Town of Norwood take by eminent domain or any other means the property situated between the stores of Irving’s Camera & Record Shop and Prize Cleaners, located on Washington St. and using it for the purpose of providing an entrance and an exit to the present parking lot that now has an entrance from Cottage St. and an exit on Nahatan St.”

Proposals by the Norwood business group would affect two areas of the town. The first would demolish all houses along Central Street all the way from the Village Inn to the Atlantic Service Station. It would eliminate East Vernon Street as a public way and make it part of the huge parking lot. All houses in the plot bounded by Broadway and Central Street, Day Street and E. Vernon Street would also be removed.

The other plot of land involved is the large tract between the stores of Irving’s Camera & Record Shop and the Prize Cleaners. This lot is owned by Louis Orent and would be taken to provide an entrance and exit to the existing Cottage-Nahatan parking lot.

If the merchants’ proposals are adopted, all parking areas in the town would be metered, including the Cottage-Nahatan installation, meter revenue would defray the entire cost of new additions. The cost of $400,000 would run over a period of 20 years, after which time the Town of Norwood would own about 1,200 parking spaces that would produce in the vicinity of $50,000 per year.

Kelly claims the biggest gain to the town will be the upgrading of the vast area from Cottage Street to Winter Street bounded by Broadway and Central Street. In that triangle would come office buildings, apartments and stores. Valuations would soar and the taxpayers in one move would fill out a large mercantile growth that would take may years if allowed to take a slow piece by piece movement.

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The Norwood Merchants also voted to start an advertising campaign to acquaint the public with the facts of their actions. It will cover 52 weeks and will go Into Norwood’s neighboring towns so they too can keep abreast of progress, as it affects their shopping habits.



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