Charles R. Donnell of Norwood and Francis Conlon of Dedham Will Swim Two Miles Tonight.


NORWOOD, Aug 22—Charles R. Donnell of Norwood, whose swimming match with Francis Conlon of Dedham for the championship of Norfolk County will take place tomorrow evening on the Charles River, Is one of the best-known all-round amateur athletes in Norwood. He Is 21 years of age, 6 feet In height, weighs 185 pounds, and is finely proportioned.

As a swimmer he has an excellent record, having been at home in the water since a boy of 8 years. Last month in the swimming tournament at Lake Hoag, Woonsocket, R I, In which there were about 20 contestants, he won the 100-yard swim and was second In the mile swim. In 1905 he won the quarter-mile race in the swimming tournament at Blackstone, and he has won about all the swimming matches at picnics in this vicinity.

He uses the crawl stroke in 100-yard races, and the Australian stroke In distance contests.

The match tomorrow evening will be by moonlight, from the Dedham boathouse to Spring St, the course being about two miles.

Conlon, Donnell’s competitor, holds the record for the course, and the winner will claim the championship of Norfolk County. Donnell has been trained for the match by Walter A. Readel of Norwood.

“Nubby,” as Donnell is familiarly known, is prominent in other fields of athletics. He was captain and manager of the Norwood basketball team last season, and has played on the team for years. He was assistant manager of the Norwood baseball club in 1905 and 1905. He played tackle four years on the Norwood high school football team, and tilled the same position several years on the Norwood A. C. eleven.

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He Is very popular in town and many of his friends, will be at the Charles River course tomorrow evening to see him race.