The Guild Theater building, now Conrad’s restaurant

The rejuvenated Guild Theatre, designed by Harry J. Korslund, is nearly ready for its opening. With the exception of the davenports, lounge chairs and other furnishings some minor details of the lighting fixtures, and for the luxurious carpets that are to go on the floors, the new theatre is ready to welcome discriminating movie-goers to its attractive setting.

The decorations in the theatre executed by Peter Holdenson of Boston, are a masterpiece of soft colors with harmonizing accents. The walls of the theatre are a neutral sand color, while the bottom portions are done in a deep rose topped by a lighter rose shade. The eight-panel decorations are distinctive designs combining these rose shades, a subtle shade of green and black, silver and gold accents. The pillars on the rear wall and in the front of the theatre arc rose with silver and gold trim and are flanked with wall designs and center a floral design featuring a black background.

Indirect Lighting

The lighting effects of the theatre are particularly noteworthy. Jones Williamson of Boston did the electrical work. Concealed lighting in the lobbies, whose walls are a harmonizing peach with gray trim, and stepped ceiling of the theatre sheds a warm glow on the soft color scheme. Wall brackets are ready to be installed, and the lighting panels on the ends of the seats are already installed. The carpets will follow through the color scheme, and the velvet drapes on the stage and on the rear doors will pick up the green accent used in the wall motifs.

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The rear wall and the ceiling of the theatre are treated with an acoustic material, and the leather seats, supplied together with stage equipment by the National Theatre Supply Company, assure comfort for the movie-goer. The ladies’ lounge is unusual and attractive with a dappled silver, well distinguished with hand-painted modernistic designs of trees. The men’s room and the manager’s office also open from the lobby, and all are equipped with fans to exhaust the air and keep it fresh.

Cooling System

The cooling system of the theatre is something to really talk about. There are seven fans installed, six for exhaust and one intake fan, a huge contraption located over the dressing room at the front of the theatre. This fan is capable of taking care of 60,000 cubic feet of air a minute and may be adjusted to four speeds. A complete change of air in the theatre is regulated for about every five minutes and by a complicated system of ducts and shutters the fresh air is sucked into the building. The four fresh air grills are located in the front of the theatre while the exhaust grills are in the rear and in the ladies’ and men’s rooms and the manager’s office. T. F. Riley was the beating and ventilating contractor.

Fans also are installed in the projection room. This room, complying with state law, is fireproof with valves controlling the shutters and automatically shutting them in case of fire. A rewind room, generator room ‘ and toilet are included in the suite besides the projection room, and upstairs also arc the ushers’ room and poster room as well as storage space.

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No opening date has been set for the new theatre but from observation of the building now, movie fans are assured of a new, distinctive, comfortable theatre in the near future.

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