In another column of this paper will be found a notice of the committee on Rooms and Boarding Places of the Norwood Business Association and Board of Trade.

This is a new committee of the Association instituted this year and will probably be of great service to the Norwood people. It is the duty of this committee to inform people as to where they can rent rooms and find boarding places and also to do all they can to find roomers and boarders for parties desiring the same.

In a busy town like Norwood a committee of this kind, will be able to do much good, for people are constantly coming here to work and having great difficulty in finding desirable places to live. Now they may notify any member of this committee of their desire to find homes and can, without doubt, get much valuable information on the subject of rooms and boarding places. The committee consists of F. E. Everett, chairman; Francis J. Squires and Cornelius M. Callahan.


The Committee of Rooms and Boarding Places, appointed by the Norwood Business Association and Board of Trade desires information regarding rooms to let and places for board. Persons having either of the above please notify anyone of the following committee


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