Frederick W. Hamilton, GS, as GM Acts
New Temple of Orient Lodge Will Be Ready in December

Special Dispatch to the Globe

Sun, Aug 13, 1916 – 19 · The Boston Globe (Boston, Massachusetts) ·

NORWOOD. Aug 12—The comer stone of the new Masonic Temple on Day st was laid this afternoon by Rt Wor Frederick W. Hamilton, grand secretary of the Masonic Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, in the presence of a large number of members of the Masonic fraternity and townspeople.


Grand Secretary Hamilton was accompanied by a suite of 15 members of the grand lodge. They were met at Norwood Central Station at 1 o’clock by a reception committee appointed by Wor Ezra I. Hubbard of Orient lodge, including Rt Wor James A. Hartshorn, Wor Edgar L. Bigelow, Wor Walter S. Bagley and Wor William I. Lowden, and the members of the building committee.

At 1:30 a special communication of Orient Lodge was opened in Conger Hall by W. M Hubbard. The grand secretary and his suite were received, and a communicationtion of the Grand Lodge opened.

Among the guests was Rt. Wor John W. Carver of Roslindale. district deputy prand master of the 25th Masonic District, which includes Norwood.

The ceremony of the laying of the corner stone was performed by Rt Wor Frederick W. Hamilton, as grand master, assisted by members of his suite. An address was made by the grand secretery following the ceremony.

The fanfare of trumpets was blown by Stephen W. Smith of Orient Lodge. The orator of the day was Ralph B Bullard of Orient Lodge.

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In a sealed box in the cornerstone was placed the following articles: Proceedings of the Grand Lodge for 1915, autographed photograph of Grand Master Melvin M. Johnson, photograph of Ezra L Hubbard, present W. M. of Orient Lodge, photograph of Wor. William H. Gay , oldest living past master of Orient Lodge, roster of members of Orient Lodge; last regular notice of meeting; notice of meeting of Aug 12, 1916; descriptive booklet of Norwood published on 1916; two photographs of old Masonic Hall; copies of the Norwood Messenger and Boston Globe; roster of Hebron Royal Arch Chapter: United States coins of 1915; last notice of meeting of Hebron Royal Arch Chapter, also a copper box with contents placed in the corner stone of the old Masonic building in 1876, and taken out when it was sold last Fall.

After the ceremonies the Grand Lodge members were escorted by Orient Lodge bark to Conger Hall, where the lodges were closed. A banquet was served in Norwood Associates Hall at 5.

It is expected that the new Temple will be completed in December. The architect Is William G Upham of Norwood and the genral contractors A. A. Appleby & Co of Norwood. The building committee Includes Hon F. A Fales. Frank A. Morrill. Francis E. Everett, H. F. Walker, W. F. Tilton, Andrew C. Morrow, LaForest N. Newman, Charles A. Gilmore and Ezra L. Hubbard.

In the suite of Grand Secretary Hamilton as GM were:
RW H. L. Odell as DGM; RW D. Edward Miller. SGW; RM Roscoe E. Learned. JGW; RW Charles H. Rarnsav, GT; RW W H Soule as GSec: RW J. F Carver, DDGM, 25th Dist: Rev Bro Francis L Beale as G chap; RW H. L. Ballard as G marshal; W Chas J. Sheppard as Sr Q deacon; W C H. Marble as Jr G deacon; W T. L. Kelley as Sr G steward; W E. S. Young as Jr G steward. RW George W. Chester as G tyler: Rt Wor James A. Hartshorn; Rt Wor Henry S. Bunton.

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Cornerstone Laid for Norwood’s Temple

NORWOOD, Aug. 12.—The cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple on Day street was laid this afternoon by members of the Grand Lodge, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons.

The cornerstone of the building was laid yesterday afternoon. It will stand at the corner of Day and Washington streets


The ceremony, which was in charge of Frederick W. Hamilton, grand secretary of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, assisted by 15 members of the Grand Ix>dge, was witnessed by a large number of members of the fraternity.

The exercises, which included addresses by Mr. Hamilton and Ralph E. Bullard, were followed tonight by a banquet in Conger Hall.

The plans for the temple, which will be located on an eminence overlooking the centre of the town, were drawn by Architect William G. Upham after he had made a study of the construction of temples throughout the country.