A cake and a spray of flowers, plus many greeting cards, were brought Monday to George F. Willett, Norwood’s No, 1 citizen and benefactor, on his 91st birthday observed at Wiswall Hospital in Wellesley.

The cake and flowers were from the First Congregational Church and were delivered by members of the octogenarian’s family.

The thoughts of older residents of the town will go back to the pre-World War I days when George Willet, having made his fortune, dedicated his life to the future of Norwood. He envisioned Norwood as a “garden village” where residents would dwell in a model setting, but fate decreed that he should sacrifice his fortune in the process.

Norwood Hospital had its founding in the “Corner House” begun by Mr. Willett and his Civic Association. The Norfolk Counts’ Trust Co. Is the successor to the Norwood Trust Company founded by Mr. Willett.

He conceived the town square and the park system; in fact, when he had his fortune there seemed to be no limit to the amounts which he was willing to spend to attain his aim of a model community.

Willet Pond and Willet । Parkway perpetuates the family name.

(All articles originally appeared in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)

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