SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS—The winners of the annual Science Fair held at the Norwood senior high school last Tuesday night. Left to right: James Sweeney, first prize; Bernard Cooper, second prize, and Ralph Nixon, third prize. (Eugene McLean Photo)

James Sweeney, son of Mr. and Mrs Edward J. Sweeney of 33 Bellevue Avenue, was named first prize winner at the fourteenth annual Norwood High School Science Fair last week for his exhibit on Computer Logic. The junior science student will now be eligible for entrance into the state-wide competition at the Massachusetts State Science Fair to be held later this month at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Second-place winners were Bernard Cooper, son of Mr. and Mrs. Otis A. Cooper of 337 Nichols Street, whose exhibit was titled “The Salivary, Gastric, and Pancreatic Digestive Juices and their Component Enzymes: Their Effects and Limiting Factors”; and Ralph Nixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nixon of 55 Hill Street, who presented a project on “Spontaneous Tumors-in Hamsters. Both second-place winners are eligible to compete at the regional science fair at West Bridgewater.

Students who were cited for honorable mention are as follows: William Bazzy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bazzy of 133 Berwick Place—Zove Electrophoresis of either Wine or Blood; Gerald Belastock, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Belastock of 15 Saunders Road — Comparative Analysis of Five Hydroponic Media; Susan Dobson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving J. Dobson of 18 Marion Avenue—The Effect on the Rate- of Photosynthesis of Various Nutrient Solutions; Robert Lynch, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Lynch of 142 Roosevelt Avenue—A Closed System Aquarium; Paul Maguire, son of Mr. and Mrs. James E Maguire of 11 Bonney Lane—Perfect Numbers in the Binary System Compared with Those with Decimals.

Also Trent Mulkern, son of Mrs. Shirley E Coleman of 26 Belmont Street—Effect of Gram Stain on Protozoa and Bacteria; Thomas Nelson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Nelson of 558 Pleasant Street —Experiments in Precipitation; Henry Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Peterson of 15 Florence Avenue — Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism; James Regan, son of Mrs. Edith V. Regan of 41 Granite Street—How To Make an Electrocardiograph; Robert Regan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Regan of 62 Plimpton Avenue—Production and Properties of Ozone; Warren Schair, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold E. Schair of 14 Berwick Place—Thorium in New Hampshire; and Paul Turchon, son õf Mr. and Mrs. John Turchon of 224 Vernon Street—Preparation of Organic Dyes.