This Day In Norwood History-April 27


NORWOOD. April 27—Town Manager Clarence A Bingham has combined the Street, Sewer and Water Departments, and they now constitute the Department of Public Works.

Joseph E. Conley, ex-superintendent of the Water and Sewer Departments, is superintendent of construction; Fred Hartshorn, ex-superintendent of streets will be foreman of the Street Department; John Tolan, foreman of the Water Department, and Michael Murray, foreman of the Sewer Department. Each will receive $3 a day while working.

The appointments have been approved by the Selectmen and the new officials were notified today.

Manager Bingham named Henry Laumsiegle as his secretary. Mr Bingham is inspecting the public works of Springfield today in company with the superintendents of public works of Attleboro and Quincy.

(The Boston Globe – April 27, 1915)

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