No Slaughtering Reason For Meat Situation — Ten Day Gas Drought Anticipated – Oil Scarce Until May 1

There is very little meat in Norwood stores for the weekend, according to statements made by various merchants this morning. There is practically no poultry and pork and lamb are extremely scarce. The beef supply, in some stores, is fair, although the supply is not expected to last very long.

One store has an ample supply of meat of A-1 quality, while other stores have scarcely enough to take care of their regular customers.

Unless further shipments of meat are received today or tomorrow, the situation looks particularly dark, it was stated.

Meat shipments into the Greater Boston market have been much less than anticipated by rationing authorities, and the refusal of the midwestern cattle owners to slaughter their stock at the price recently set up is believed to b the chief cause for the current shortage.


Gasoline supplies in Norwood stations were negligible this morning, with many stations without gas. and those with gas prepared to run out very shortly. Distributing companies have been doling out their supplies to the local dealers in 100 and 500 gallon lots on a rationed basis, so that while one station might be out of gas today, another station might get in a supply the next day, so that at all times there has been some gas available in the community. With the continued cold spell however, prospects of an early improvement In this situation seemed remote to most observers.


And while fuel oil supplies were still reportedly coming into the New England area, several of the Norwood dealers have reported that their supplies are exhausted, and they have been told by their suppliers that they will not be able to get any more oil until May 1. The coupon situation, likewise. is becoming serious, with the extreme cold weather hanging on, and many Norwood householders have found their supply of No. 5 coupons becoming greatly diminished. The No. 5 coupon is supposed to last until the next heating season begins next October.