This Day In Norwood History-April 2


Lively and Nearly Successful Fight in Norwood Town Meeting.

Norwood after it was completed. This is now the .

02 Apr 1901, Tue The Boston Globe

NORWOOD, April 2—Norwood town meetings in recent years have been rather quiet affairs, many of the old-time orators being dead. Last evening’s special, however, proved an exception, the voters getting excited over and practically favoring a proposal for a $75,000 brick school house in the center of the town for the higher grades. It will take a two-thirds vote to adopt the proposed improvement, but it looks now as it such a vote might be forthcoming at a future meeting.

Previous to the meeting it was generally predicted that there would be a clear majority against the scheme. The town is compactly built, and has a school population of from 1100 to 1200.

Hon was moderator. was chairman of the committee presenting the report, and made the plans of the committee more clear by the use of stereopticon slides representing the building, which would contain 16 rooms and an assembly hall, which the town might see fit to use for town meetings. This hall is to be on the first floor and will seat 800 people.

Mr Folan was heartily seconded in speech-making by Dr and , other members of the committee.

Norwood has no town hall, and has to hire , owned by the Masonic fraternity at a cost of $1800 a year, for school exhibitions and town meetings.

One of the most enthusiastic speeches in favor of the scheme was made by , who said it was the most sensible proposal he had heard made in the town for years.

Three voles were taken on the matter, the final vote being 182 to 116, the proposition failing for the time being for the lack of a two-thirds vote.

At the special town meeting the town voted $800 for extending water mains, and $250 for a town safe.

At the adjourned town meeting, which followed, Mr Locke was moderator, and presented the report of the committee of 15. The question of adopting electric lighting in the near future was discussed, and the contract with the Norwood gaslight company was limited to two years.

The school committee stated that increased school accommodations were needed and was raised for fitting up the new rooms in the high school brilding for ninth grade pupils. The appropriatiers made were as follows: Schools $30,650, school notes and interest $11.565.27, street notes and interest $210, sewer committee $1067.50. streets and sidewalks $13,635, watering streets trimming trees $125. lighting-streets $3500, removing snow sanding sidewalks $100, poor $4000, Memorial day $150, soldiers’ relief $1500. fire department $500, board of health $500. abatement of taxes $1000, illegal liquor sales $100, cemetery $125, salaries $4505, Morrill Memorial library $2500, printing and stationery $1200, incidentals $1900, total $84,247,77.

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