Nancy Shaw is five weeks old, weighs five pounds, and has been in three hospitals since her birth, March 13.

She is now at home with her brother and sister and her mother. Mrs. Herbert Shaw of 56 Highview st., Norwood. With her pint of Rh negative blood which was replaced in her tiny system, provided through the Red Cross blood program, she is getting healthier every day, according to her mother.

Nancy was born in the Norwood Hospital, and then was rushed to the Children’s Medical Center where she received her transfusion. After remaining there two weeks, she went to Chelsea Naval Hospital for two more weeks and now is home with sister Carol Ann, 19 months, whose life was also saved by this same transfusion technique, and brother Dennis, 2 1/2.

The baby’s father, MM2C Herbert Shaw, is back aboard the cruiser U. S. S. Des Moines, now at Norfolk, Va., but was able tn be home for the new arrival.

Lawrence L. Luther, administrator of the Red Cross Regional Blood Program, 314 Dartmouth st., points out that this is one of many instances where contributions of blood from the healthy help to save lives.

Luther said the blood center at Dartmouth st. will be open today for donations from 11 a. m. to 5 p.m. and added he hopes at least 150 donors will be available. He said donations may be made Mondays. Wednesdays and Thursdays from 11 a. m. to 5 p m., and on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2 p. m to 8 p m.

19 Apr 1950, Wed The Boston Globe