This Day In Norwood History-April 16

Norwood, Walpole Are Included In New Helicopter Mail-Service Plans

Northeast Air Lines Applies For post-War Approval

The Sikosrsky S-51, the helicopter model that would have been used in the program.

April 16, 1943 – The Norwood Messenger

Post-war Norwood and Walpole will find that strange flying machine — the helicopter — rising from the backyard of their post-offices to carry mail to Boston for more rapid distribution and delivery if a plan advanced by the Northeast Airlines is approved.

The company has filed its application with the Civil Aeronautics Board for approval.

The Northeast helicopter system would augment the regular airmail operations of the airlines. Mail and express would be flown, not only between cities and towns, but also from congested urban locations out to all principal airports far routing and mail-liners.


The application seeks authorization for the transportation not only of airmail but of all first class mail as well. Thus Northcast’s plan, is the first specific proposal to bring to reality the transportation of all first class mail by air and the first plan to utilize the extraordinary flight advantages of the helicopter.

Moreover as the helicopter service progresses, it is planned to request authority to carry passengers to and from downtown districts. airports and suburbs. This. If granted, would provide the first arial taxi service in history.

S. J. Solomon, president of Northeast Airlines, files the application in behalf of his company after he and officials had witnessed past demonstrations of the helicopter by its inventor, Igor Sikorsky, noted aeronautical designer and engineer.

According to Mr. Solomon, many tests have proved conclusively the practical and economical worth of the helicopter for the service proposed.

The tests showed the ability of this type of aircraft to land, take off, and hover over roof-tops, to go side-ways, backwards and straight up and down. They require only nine feet by 12 feet in order to land.

In the application filed by Mr. Solomon. Norwood and Walpole were specifically mentioned as postal centres which would be provided with the modem aerial taxi service.

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