Harry Korslund Designs Beautiful Colonial Edifice

On Tuesday night plans submitted by Harry F. Korslund, architect, for a new Emmanuel Lutheran Church, were accepted by the parish. The final acceptance of plans and the breaking ground on the lot next to the parsonage on Berwick Road yesterday, concludes years of planning for the new edifice.

For five or more years the church has been studying plans for thy building with several architects consulting. The final plans incorporate all that the parish has had in mind throughout that period for a beautiful and well-equipped place of worship.

Ground for this beautiful colonial church structure designed by Harry Korslund was broken yesterday. The building finds its historical precedent in a colonial church built by early Swedish settlers in Philadelphia.

Rev G. Rohnstrom, pastor of the church for over three years, formulated early in his pastorate the requirements of the building. He stated that the structure should harmonize with the surroundings and incorporate the ecclesiastical tradition of the church, facilities for worship, and the carrying on of a social service and educational program. It should also provide for future possibilities of growth, and symbolize the church’s desire to make a contribution to the present-day age and generation.

Following their long made requirements of the church building fitting the ground plot naturally, attractively, and economically, and of striving for a beautiful building for worship, prayer, and meditation, the church accepting the final plans have adopted a beautiful and simple New England type of architecture combined with the surroundings of the park which the building will face.

It is based on the building of the colonial church built by the Swedish settlers in Philadelphia. It will be of red tapestry brick with white wood trim, with square columns on the front portico. The seating capacity including the balcony and choir will be 300 with the possibility of providing for 50 more in temporary chairs. The windows will be of amber cathedral glass, and the building is to be ventilated by fans.

The basement floor contains a hall with a stage, large kitchen, and Sunday School choir rooms. The first floor provides for the vestibule, sanctuary balcony, altar, and sanctuary for the use of the minister. The interior also will follow simple colonial lines.

Leon Johnson of Norwood is the contractor for the excavation work, while the main contract for the construction has not been let as yet. The building is designed to provide for future expansion. The old church building has been sold to the Italian Christian Church.

(All articles were originally published in the Norwood Messenger unless otherwise noted)