Claude (Skip) Lockwood of Norwood has been kept by the Kansas City Athletics on the Major League roster for the coming year:

Lockwood thus joins a select group of Norwood athletes who have played in the major leagues. Others who have played on major league teams were Ray Martin, Charlie Bowles, and Marty Callaghan. Callaghan was the only one of this group to play a full year in the senior loops, having had several great seasons with the Cubs and Cincinnati,

Lockwood was expected to be farmed out to a top minor league club for seasoning, but so outstanding was his spring training record that the parent club had no choice but to keep him. He baited over 500 in spring drills, fielded wcU, and was also the fastest man on the club. He is expected to play mostly as a utility in his first year in the majors.

Lockwood was signed to a $100,000 bonus last year upon completion of four outstanding years of baseball at Catholic Memorial High School, He is well known in Norwood circles for his play with the Norwood Little League championship teams as well as the top semi-pro teams m the area.

Lockwood is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Claude Lockwood of 227 Ridgewood Drive, Norwood.


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