The Beacon School

In 1889 the Norwood School Committee, made up of George Hill, Thomas Brown and J.A. Crocker stated their concerns about the overcrowding at the Everett school in their annual report. 

The school committee recommended an appropriation of $9000 for this new High School building, which was to be ready by August 1st, 1889. The 1890 School Committee report below explains some of the complications that occurred on the project, which ran the cost to $14,000.

The school was constructed on the open land at the corner of Bullard and Beacon streets and opened in the spring of 1890. 

The Beacons school as it looked shortly after completion.

The 1890 School Committee Report outlined the challenges the students were facing while waiting for the new school. It also warned that when the school had 4 full classes of students the following year, overcrowding in the brand new school was already a possibility.

Norwood High School (Beacon School) Class of 1893- (L-R) Annie May Hendersen (teacher), Alice Pendergast, Herbert Fisher, Carroll Morse, Frank Boyden, Julia Bradley, Abby Fisher, Fred Hall, George K. Bird

In 1898 The Morrill Memorial Library Was built between the school and Walpole Street. The school was later enlarged and became a dedicated High School. You can see the addition and the school’s proximity to the library in the postcards below.

The Beacon School in Norwood.

When the combination Norwood Junior/Senior High school building was built at the corner of Washington and Bond St in 1919, the building was converted to a grade school and renamed the Beacon School. 

After serving the pupils of the town for over 50 years, the Beacon school was demolished in 1942. In 1952 a residence was built on the site.

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