Tales Of Tyot-Introduction

Tyot (or “”) Was the Indian Name for the Territoy Which Became , Massachusetts.

It Meant “Place-Surrounded-by-Waters”

The following sketches, originally printed in , embody much of the information gathered in an Emergency Relief Administration project conducted in and by the , Mass, from August 1934 to August 1935. The project was a Historical of the town’s history. For the reasons given below, it was thought wise to use the facts thus gained in newspaper articles such as the following, rather than to present them in formal and more statistical reports:

First; Because Norwood has no printed and published volume of its history, covering all phases of its history. Whatever has been written about the town is widely scattered in old newspapers, official reports, pamphlets, and other sources. While much of its history has never been printed but is in the minds and memories of elderly people.

It was therefore first imperative for such research as the ERA officials had in mind to begin to collect and collate in some general way whatever information could be secured. The first steps must be by a sort of trial and error plan since much of the data was almost forgotten. Having secured and authenticated it as much as possible, it was thought it would be easier to extend it at some later date, perhaps, into a more concise and formal history of the town of Norwood.

The matter contained in this book, therefore, can only be considered as “source material” and not as a complete history. There are some unavoidable errors, which have been corrected in certain cases. On the whole, the author feels that future historians can use this book for source purposes with considerable confidence. Dates, of course, should be carefully checked. Corrections made in ink are O. K.

The second reason for these newspaper sketches was to awaken the latent interest of the townspeople in this project and enlist their cooperation in getting facts and needed material. Without such public cooperation such ‘ a project was foredoomed to failure under the conditions existing in Norwood. The undersigned Connoisseur of Historical Data, who conducted the research, is glad to stale that these stories have admirably served the purpose for which they were designed. The Norwood public, as well as former citizens all over the country, were aroused to deep interest. They have brought the undersigned more help, information, and friendly enthusiasm than he can well express in this space. Old friendships have been renewed and new ones made. His gratitude is deep, for he realizes that this public interest has been largely responsible for whatever success this project has attained.

The undersigned, therefore, offers this collection of data to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the hope that it may be of some ^assistance to future historians. He also offer, it to the town of Norwood for the same purpose, and has caused two duplicate copies of this book to be made. One will be cataloged in the Morrill of Norwood for public use. The other will be placed in the library of the

Connoisseur of Historical Data

Project Number; X20223F2—U2
Identification Number; 39 7
Dated at Norwood. Massachusetts-
August 28. 1935

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