THEY USE THE BEST — Top performers need top equipment, and so the St. Catherine’s Senior Corps drummers have secured ten new “Super Parade King” drums, the type used by leading corps throughout the country.

Front row, left to right: Dianne Sheehan and Sheila Ruscitti, holding bass drums.

Back row, left to right: Barbara Eppich, Josephine Donahue, Ann Kavolius, Sheila Grenham, Janet Rosata, Judy Murray, Lorna Murphy and Mary Travers. (E. W. Fogg Photo)

Drum & Bugle Corps Notes

The drum corps of the Senior Corps is now equipped with ten Slingerland “Super Parade King” drums which have proven to be the most popular used by outstanding drum corps and bands throughout the country.

The ten drums include four tenors, four snare and two bass and are “Sparkling Gold Pearl” in color. The important features are as follows:

They contain more non-rusting metal than any other made. The rim-shot counterhoops are 50% stronger and the shells are laminated 3-ply with solid maple inside reinforcing hoops.

The Lt. Norman Prince Corps of Massachusetts, three times national champions, the Holy Name Cadets of Garfield, N. J., four times national champions, and the Harwood-Joliet Legion Band of Illinois, nine times national champions, are a few of the leading musical units that use Slingerland drums exclusively.

St. Catherine’s Drum and Bugle Corps purchased their new drums from Farnham’s Music Shop, Norwood.

In my write-up recently of the CYO Festival held at White Stadium I unintentionally failed to mention the musical unit that had the honor of escorting Archbishop Richard J. Cushing to the reviewing stand. That privileged unit was Our Lady of Lourdes, Jamaica Plain, and our new curate, Rev Paul J McManus, is the former CYO Spiritual Director of this particular unit. Father McManus accompanied the corps of Our Lady of Lourdes on that particular Sunday afternoon, September 8.

The CYO Musio Festival Champions are as follows:
Drill Teams, Claw I — St. Anthony’s Blue Diamonds, Allston.
Drill Teams, Class II—Immaculate Conception, Weymouth.
Drill Teams, Class III — Our Lady of Assumption, East Boston.
Drum and Bugle Corps, Class I — St. Kevin’s Emerald Knights, Dorchester.
Drum and Bugle Corps, Class 11 — St. Rose’s, Chelsea.
Drum and Bugle Corp«, Class III St. Kevin’s Emerald Gems, Dorchester.
Drum and Bugle Corps, Class IV—St. Mary’s Beverly.
Bands, Claw I — St. William’s Dorchester.
Band, Class H — St. Peter’s South Boston.
Bands, Class III — St. Joseph’s, Medford.
Exhibition — St. Joseph’s Bagpipe Band, Quincy.
Alt Girls’ Corps, Class I — St. Jean Baptiste, Lynn.
All Girls’ Corps, Class II — Immaculate Conception Rockettes, Salem.
The major upset of the year was St. Kevin’s “Emerald Knights” defeating SL Thomas More of Braintree.

St. Catherine’s Parish



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