Selectmen Recorded as Favoring Change

A movement was well underway in Norwood today to change the name of the Boston Metropolitan Airport to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Airport of Norwood in honor of the men and women of the town who have served on foreign soil with the armed forces.

The Board of Selectmen has already given its blessing to the contemplated change and in fact, went on record as favoring the measure when it was proposed by the local VFW post at the regular weekly meeting of the Board this week.

Town Counsel Francis C. Foley, when called upon for an opinion as to the legal technicalities involved in connection with the change of name, saw no difficulties other than a possible objection of the part of the present leasees of the property.

Upon a motion made by Selectman Michael J. Curran, it was voted to consult the management of the airport for their opinion on the matter.

Some objection to the proposal was forthcoming in town today, the suggestion being made that if the name of the airport is to be changed. the new title should honor all veterans of the town not simply the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

One suggestion wras that a more suitable name would be “Veterans Memorial Airport of Norwood.”

When informed of the proposed name changing this morning, Harold E. Shaw, president of the Boston Metropolitan Airport Corporation, which owns the property except for the runways, and treasurer of Wiggins Airways, Inc., which leases the strips from the town of Norwood, expressed his desire to cooperate with the town if it wished to change the name. He pointed out that the Boston business directory which is to be published shortly would list the local field as the Boston Metropolitan Airport, and that if a change of listing was desired, action would have to be taken immediately.

It was stated that if the name of the airport is to be changed, an appropriate plaque would be erected and dedication ceremonies held at an early date.