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Filmed in Norwood in 1935 and available for the first time on DVD! The story of a “Hollywood star” who comes back to a grand reception in her home town of Norwood. Full of local scenes and faces. Digitized by Northeast Historic Films.

The Norwood Historical Society Collection is a single 16 mm. film called “Movie Queen,” made in Norwood, Massachusetts. It was produced as part of a local talent production and consists of a welcome parade and presentation of the key to the city, then a tour of the town’s businesses. The film was shown in association with a three act play, both productions featuring local players. The film and the play were directed by an itinerant director associated with the Amateur Theatre Guild of Boston. The movie queen arrives by train, accompanied by a young man smoking a cigar, perhaps representing her manager. An intertitle, “Movie Queen visits Sunday Church-goers,” introduces views of people emerging from churches preceding scenes of visiting shops, a florist, and other businesses. The film ends with an intertitle, “Hail the Movie Queen, Give her a hand!” This version of “Movie Queen” does not have the comedic kidnapping component that is present in many other surviving versions.