“OLE” JACOBSEN, former Norwood strongman and wrestler, who has been presented the Award of Merit by Norwood Post 70 of the American Legion. (Photo by Larry White)

“Ole” Jacobsen, Norwood strongman and well-known wrestler of the twenties, was honored recently by Norwood Post 70 of the American Legion at the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea.

A group of Legionnaires, including Commander George Ellegood, Commande elect Dr. A. J. Kizelewicz, Dave Maier, Arthur Gleichauf, “Doc” King, Ernie Gustafson, and Larry White, traveled to the home to present “Ole” with the Legions Award Merit.

The plaque, presented by Commander Ellegood on half of the post, was inscribed: “To Ole Jacobsen with deep appreciation for your continued interest in Post 70 activities.”

“Ole,” a World War I veteran who has lived at the Soldiers’ Home for the past eight years, will be remembered for his prowess in the wrestling ring.

There are many who recall his feats of strength in his furniture-moving business, such as carrying an upright piano across the street on his back, and lifting a bogged-down truck out of the mud.

Today, ‘”Ole’s” handclasp is firm, his amiable spirit undaunted, and his interest in Norwood is as great as ever.

While in his prime “Ole” travelled in mat circles with “Nubby” Donnell and John Mackie, also of Norwood. They toured the Norwood circuit among others, and drew large crowds at the Press Club (Elks) Everett Hall (Old Civic), Lithuanian Hall, and Old Finn Hall (Legion Hall).

“Ole” met the best wrestlers of his day and always gave a good account of himself. Among his better known opponents were Stanley Stasiack, who was unable to pin “Ole” after forty-seven minutes on the mat; “Wild Bull” Komar, Ned Maguire, the Irish champion, and Indian Chief Montour,

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(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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