Clark Gable and Yvonne DeCarlo star In Warner Bros, fiery “Band Of Angels.” now playing at the Norwood Theatre. Sidney Poitier and Efrem Zimballst, Jr., also star.

The film, set In the South at the time of the Civil War, is adapted from the tumultuous bestseller by Pulitzer Prizewinner Robert Penn Warren, author of “All The King’s Men.” Clark Gable stars as Hamish Bond, wealthy man from New Orleans and former slave runner who purchases Yvonne DeCarlo, a Southern blue-blood who falls to the lowest depth of degradation. Gable buys Miss DeCarlo at a slave-block and brings her to his mansion to be mistress of his home.

“Band Of Angels” was filmed largely on location at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hundreds of local citizens were cast as atmosphere players by Raoul Walsh who directed the film in Warner-Color. On the same program is “A Deep Adventure” in color. It’s the exciting story of two men and a girl seeking a hidden treas-ure in the Caribbean.

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