A newcomer on the sports horizon, sky diving, better known as sport parachuting, which has become increasingly popular nationally within the past few years, has entered the scene locally, through the efforts of Norwoodites Ted Maher and George Anderson.

Ted, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Maher, 26 Fieldlbrook Drive, is a Norwood High School graduate with the Class of 1956, and has spent three years in the Navy. George, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Anderson of 43 Tremont Street, is also a Navy veteran.

Both Maher and Anderson, who are pioneering sky diving In the local area, belong to a number of sport parachute clubs, and are in the process of forming their own parachute club in Norwood. They hope to introduce many in Norwood to this thrilling sport and urge those interested to contact them for further information.

George Anderson has the more experience of the two, a member of Tidewater Navy Sky Divers in 1958 and ’59, until his discharge from the service This group entertained spectators all over the United States. George has 287 free fall jumps and is considered one of the best skydivers in this area.

Ted Maher, one of George’s former students, has only been jumping for the last two months in which time he has racked up 40 free falls, the longest a 20-second delay jump. Ted started his jumping in a peculiar way while attending the Nèw England jumps at Orange as a spectator. One of his buddies dared him to jump, and Ted took up the challenge and jumped with no previous experience at all. As Ted put It, “That was the biggest thrill of my life even though I had a rough landing the first time” He feels that anyone who likes exciting and thrilling experiences should participate in this sport.

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The boys were recently visited by some of the Nàvy’s great chuting stars who recently appeared in the world’s championship events at Orange. A few of the chutists were in the Navy with the boys, and in the Tidewaters Sky Divers with Anderson.

(All articles originally published in the Norwood Messenger)

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